quinta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2010

Rachel Pagliocco, Curator

Artist: Sergio Ramos

Playful narratives and wide-eyed faces stare back at you curiously, luring you into their story. The images beg you to trace back through your memory to remember what connection you have with the scene, because you feel you’ve been there before. If not in real life, perhaps in a dream. This is what strikes me about the work of Sergio Ramos. There is a sudden and unexpected warmness and connection between you and the characters in the paintings. Using folklore, literature, and recollections of everyday life as inspiration for his work, Sergio Ramos gives the viewer a closer look into the simple yet soulful relationships between people and their surroundings. He illustrates the magic that is woven into our lives.
The soul of the subjects radiates through the paint. Not one primary color is to be found. Colors are rich, moody, quiet and unique. In contrast to the bold lines that hold the color’s form, there is a definite unity. The lines that cross and intersect with each other create forms that become vaguely familiar to our eyes…a bird…a fish….a leaf….your eyes begin to pull each one out of the painting as if they are coming to life.
As an architect you can see that he craves the connectedness of solid and straight lines. In fact although his subjects are whimsical and light in nature, their linear structure is sturdy and tight. The contrast is what makes his work so energetic. Inside his controlled lines, patterns play without any inhibition.
This obvious visual contrast between playfulness and solidarity may even suggest a reflection on a child’s transition to adulthood, or perhaps the struggle to contain both. The bright and spontaneous color, curling scribbles and scratches into the paint, and wide-eyed subjects evoke a childhood spirit. The perfect dark lines, contained and perfectly intersected to create form, are logical and controlled evoking the properness of the adult world.
Sergio’s paintings are refreshing and unique and encourage you to look at the world you live in with wider eyes, as his subjects are. You’re bound to find a little bit of yourself in one of them.
- Rachel Pagliocco, Curator

segunda-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2010

Henri Matisse

"Esforço-me por alcançar uma arte de equilíbrio, de pureza - uma arte que não desassossegue ou confunda. Gostaria que o Homem cansado, sobrecarregado, acabado, encontrasse paz e sossego nos meus quadros." Henri Matisse